Barack Hussein Obama

Mr. Obama as your stint in the White House comes to an end let me say this…you were never my President. Your values and integrity were not close to anything I imagined my President, an American President, should be. Your message of “Hope and Change” and “fundamental transformation” were built on deception and arrogance.

The jihad of divide and conquer strategies have caused much chaos and division and un needed bloodshed in our great American Republic and in my view is nothing short of treason., though I must believe, you were not the puppet master but merely the messenger who lacked the moral conscience needed of a Christian man. The neglect of Black Americans is just one of your many misgivings that writes your self absorbed “Legacy”. The false dreams you gave Americans were that of your Father in which, as close as we all can figure out, was a Muslim Communist. How do those ideals match Americans? Our borders overflow with Muslim refugees not Christian, which they, would have been better served within their own countries, safely guarded by a humanitarian force. But, you say, this serves Americas interests?

It is more and more coming to light , Mr. Obama, that your “fundamental transformation” has meant the American Islamic State. With you as the leader of the largest caliphate. This became evident through your actions in the Middle East, Iranian payment, attempted subversion of the Israeli elections and endless Somali Muslim immigration among the few. Some refugees, I hear, are being flown to older evacuated Airports nightly. If the Russians hacked our computer systems in any way, though wrong and points to greater cyber security needs, I feel it may have saved America from a greater fate. Your partner in crimes, Hillary Clinton, has attempted to install an Islamic style system with her assault on the Electoral system and American Constitution. All the money her Foundation, campaign, as well as yours has come from many of these Islamic factions and I am sure they are demanding accountability. ‘Heavy is the Crown” huh?

Let me be clear….this Election spoke to the maintenance of an American Christian nation and a Constitution of our Founding Fathers. Islamic ideals and beliefs are not compatible. It is as simple as that. This does not excuse you from American Constitutional Law for which you and others have tried to bastardize to fit your needs for hegemony. The “Agents of Change” within our Media, Government, Educational systems and Society will either be flushed or fought at every twist of their propaganda. Every deception your Father taught you will be negated starting by educating a free society of the ills of their nature.

Our American nation is not perfect, nor do we claim to be, but the first thing your father, as well as Hillary’s should have taught or gave you was honesty and love. Unlike you, I believe, people are good by nature in which due to your un humanitarian actions both foreign and domestic shows your lack of fundamental understanding. Furthering  ideologies incompatible and endangering the principles of “life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for which our Christian American nation was founded upon. Christian American Patriots may forgive you…but we cannot forget.

Call this “Fake News” if you wish because I make no reference to links or so called facts to prove my disdain. My research has kept an eye on your misdeeds, absent the Main Stream Media deception, disinformation agents and through the writings and reporting of “Patriots of Change” who still believe God, America, our Founding Fathers and for the Constitution for which you and your Administration minions attempted to subvert.

The curtain has been pulled back and the “Great Oz” has been revealed and he is as big of a bumbling idiot as depicted!


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