The War on Reality 

The American people have endured a lot through the last several years by unscrupulous and self serving Corporations, Politicians and a slew of greedy Foreign and Domestic self interest organizations and individuals. These entities have put forward an onslaught of enslaving and self serving schemes and plots to create a reality of their needs and desires for hegemony, whether it be World, Nation, State or City. One entity that has been at the fore front on the assault on reality, truth and liberty has been the propaganda unleashed by America’s Main Stream Media and it’s “Agents of Change”.

The phrase ” We hold these truths to be self-evident” speaks to the heart of transparency today. Though I am a big proponent of an internet free of chains we must all be vigilant in our search of truthful information above sensationalism and personal attacks of agenda. Remember if it walks like a duck…quacks like a duck…99% of the time… it is a duck. Headline stories from our most respected news sources of the past often have proven to be agents of disinformation and self service. Journalistic integrity has been reduced to talking heads repeating their own realities and agenda based in part on statistics received from partisan pollsters and the infection of a monopolizing security state of intelligence subversives . What happened to the Clinton election…the same thing that paid for it…CRONYISM.  That “Good Ol’ Boy” mentality of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours…is not being expressed in democratic , capitalistic bartering anymore but socialistic enslavement.

The Alternative Media running through the internets veins is full of individuals and organizations dedicated to an America, its Republic and a moral conscience of the founders, true “Patriots of Change” who serve others. Though as time goes on ,it too, must be held to scrutiny and self policing to avoid infection. As Americans we must do this… not our Government. Governments involvement in the internet of things has already proven to serve its master,not the American publics. Reputable News services would not have allowed their integrity to be compromised. Once they became complicit they became the “duck”.

Yes, Main Steam Medias War on Reality, in which I view as complicit in crimes against “We The People”,  serves as a forefront to the blocking of transparency and truths on all informational fronts. The fight for FOIA information, unjust Copyright legislation, UN internet controls, social media oppression and recently McCarthy like “Fake News” accusations are all involved in the war on FREE SPEECH and America’s First Amendment Rights. Like Gruber said…”lack of transparency is a huge political advantage” and Obamacare rages on! Initiators of such propaganda and Constitutionally unjust verbiage should be asked…when did it become more important to deceive fellow man than to serve fellow man? Just because we have not lived under an oppressive regime doesn’t mean we want too… and this is what your tactics promote. It is not American! Self service is a building block of Dictatorial, Socialistic and Communist regimes. Manufactured dissent is an enemy of “We The People” and targets innocent minds.

In the spirit of the our Founders who opposed the self serving tyranny of the British monarchy   and the targeting of “innocent” minds and bodies for enslavement…I for one consider the Main Steam Media machine to be not only the real “Fake News” but traitorous to the American public. Americans must vet their news sources more than ever it is imperative to a FREE REPUBLIC and preservation of our Constitutional Rights….

God Bless America!

Note: Naming of Media sources has been omitted to protect the “innocent”…the guilty know who they are…


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