The Invisible Enemy

Dilara Esengil

What is this invisible enemy that Potus keeps referring to?


I’ll tell ‘ya right now, it ain’t just the Covid he’s talkin’ about.

The truth is truly stranger than fiction.

Jim Nichols has yet another incredible documentary called Nixon, Kennedy and The Alien Presence. Most of this article will focus on the content presented in this film that I urge you to watch on your own. The last time I wrote about a Nichols production (Blood Currency), Amazon pulled the documentary from its library. This one is still available on Amazon Prime and the cover looks like this:

Messages Image(303281843)

You can also find it on YouTube as of the date of this post:

So much of this film serves what is happening in the world today. In order to understand exactly what is going on, I will provide a brief anecdotal summary of this film in relation to the…

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