Hear that…? The Bell Tolls for We The People!

The ‘Silent Majority” in America has been silenced to long by a system of Government that no longer serves We The People by has had its checks and balances high jacked by criminal Politicians, Lawyers and Foreign and Domestic Lobbyists who sell America to the highest Corporate bidder for their enrichment. Americas great History stolen by elected and non elected self servants who have ruined and sold The Constitution FOR the United States, Bill of Rights as well as our very Declaration of Independence to those who would enslave as well as even take our “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”.

Though, It was hard to foresee such subversive actions by I will call them, not Elites but the Criminal CABAL in Washington,DC., I hold some guilt for future generations for having ignored some indicators through the years. The Deep State their Media name. Blackmail defamation and genocide their game. You know, the thing…’The Wrap Up Smear’ (courtesy of Hands Pelosi), wars of genocide where American Troops can not perform the act but proxy Islamic Groups can. Yes, my fellow Americans, genocide. How long till those proxies are used here in America …I believe it has already began.

This CABAL of despots that we call Marxists are really just greedy , self serving psychopaths who want to micro manage your life while attempting to blind We The People to their criminal activities. DUE PROCESS be damned by Black Robe Mafias who serve the EVIL ONES, Eugenicists, Bankers,rich Carpetbaggers of old are still alive. Greedy Government Lawyers write bastardized Law of cover for their criminality.They would sell their Mothers if offered. They will lie, lie, lie while they take your money with a straight face. We have all seen them in Media, Intel Agencies, Politicians, Lobbyists,Corporate CABAL Oligarchs, Foreign Nobility’s, THE QUEEN and her Privy Council! It is their CREDO. Who can lie the best gets the promotion…remember that song…’no matter what you do..I would not want to be like you” wow..NAILED IT!

Well, I covered a short brief description of what America and We The People are facing in America today. Really, how far we have fallen. I could spend hours going over more…education, pedophilia, human/organ trafficking, induced drug addiction and the DICTATORIAL United Nations and NATO. These are the people and collectives who call themselves ELITE! Get behind me Satan…!!The myths they have developed have been repeated over and over again. Manufactured terrorism and dissent is the handy work of these divide and conquer enemies of We The People. Pure EVIL are their agendas and narratives. Believe it…evidenced by all our corrupt Mainstream Media full of literal no conscious CIA Mockingbirds of agenda. NATO will help support the One World Order cause with their bands of Soldiers of Fortune through GLADIO False Flag Terrorism instigated by the Vatican. Whats life without a good slaughter to develop the manufactured need for bastard Laws and societal change benefiting their enrichment and CONTROL….

Two questions to ponder:

Do American Elections even matter when criminals are held to no consequences for CRIMES against humanity and the American people..what is to stop them from controlling the Election or continuing manipulation of criminal control?

What is Death without Liberty?

Well America, I do not know about you but…I AM DONE WITH THEM and if CITIZENS ARRESTS have to get the JUSTICE ….so be it…let us be JUST while enslaving them..we are not these people or at least I believe 95% of us are not. We can create Citizens Grand Juries, it is our Right. I do not care how old they are , fill the PRISONS or FEMA Camps they made for us with them. It MUST BE DONE!

Where to start…how about let us start in America and strip their wealth and false Nobility titles. Then we should move across the Pond where they have committed Acts of War on our President and the American people. Help the British and Canadian people by decimating their Intel and Governments subversive platforms and giving the right to Govern to the people back to lead them as a respectable Sovereigns of Humanity as I have prayed for America to be. It can and must be done for our Countries children to have any form of FREEDOM at least for the NEXT 50 Years! As for us America, beyond their JUSTICE…we need a New Party for America…these criminals have infected both. How about..yes..that’s it..The AMERICAN Party!! A Party full of Americans of all colors,race and creeds. I LIKE IT!!

I am aware Parties such as this one I would wish for America have been proposed before but as an everyday American they have not taken my dreams yet and pray and wish for positive change we all can pass to our children. As we change Government from criminal rule we must create a moral platform that We The People servants of humanitarian integrity and Christian belief screams to those that subvert the will of the people…NEVER AGAIN!NEVER AGAIN!

My next Blog of Opinion will explore a possible Platform to escape the DC plaque and move America forward as a Constitutionally,Responsible Republic of American beliefs for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…

God Bless you Patriots and God Bless America…till then we ride..

Author: ezduzit63

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